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1 Apr 14, 2018 20:18    

I would be happy to have an easier solution to delete ads inner the comments.

In the list view I think there will be it good to have a checkbox at the left margin to click, if I want to delete this entry. like in the file explorer.

So I could check all the entries I want to delete in the first step.
In the second step I click on the action button - in this case on the button "delete" (or I choose in a menu the entry "delete" and click on "Go").

So it would easier to administrate the comments.

2 Apr 17, 2018 23:08

I thought we had this already but I can't find it. I'm double checking this.

3 Apr 25, 2018 17:31

Fine. I have not found this feature in the area for deleting comments.

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