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1 Mar 11, 2017 13:11    

I have almost succeeded in getting rid of the author name, publication time, and categories, and customising the comments link at the end of posts -- but not quite.

Unfortunately I have noticed that I only get the required behaviour when I view my site from the main URL, e.g,

If I view it as a specific post -- e.g., -- I still get the following lines at the end of the post.

" This entry was posted by username and is filed under .. Edit..."
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I don't want that -- I want my customised version, with no author, no categories, and my own comments link text.

I have modified as follows (sorry -- keep getting errors if I try to put it in a codeblock)

<div class="evo_post_foot">
// Link to comments, trackbacks, etc.:
$Item->feedback_link( array(
'type' => 'comments',
'link_before' => '',
'link_after' => '',
'link_text_zero' => 'Loads of people are dying to comment',
'link_text_one' => 'Oooh, a comment!',
'link_text_more' => 'Oooh, %d comments!',
'link_title' => '#',
) );

But this only works when I look at the main URL, not the long URL.

Does anyone know how I could apply my modifications to this section so that they apply in all URLs, whether the base one or the specific post URL?


3 Mar 13, 2017 16:10

This is probably a CSS style that applis to all sidebar widgets.

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