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1 Nov 09, 2016 12:58    

The auto-upgrade stopped saying that it could not write ... a lot of files.
In fact I had to manually change all files permissions to 777 for the update to proceed !
Is this a normal behaviour ? What does this imply in terms of security ?
best regards. Jacques

2 Nov 09, 2016 18:26

Yes it's normal and it depends on the security policy of your webhost.

Personnally I have a script that changes all permissions before autoupgrade and then secures the permissions again after upgrade.

3 Nov 09, 2016 23:35

Ok. Thank you François.
Two questions :
1/ why your special script is not a part of the install script ?
2/ What are then the good working permissions to reverse to ?
I did not took a list of the original settings - I know, it's stupid ;)
amitiés. Jacques

4 Nov 10, 2016 00:10

This is a server security policy matter that is outside the scope of the b2evolution PHP application.

1/ The special script can NOT be a PHP script. It heavily depends on the host you use.

2/ This completely depends on the hosting configuration you use.

Please see for more info.

5 Nov 10, 2016 00:30

Thanks again.
Take care. jacques

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