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1 Sep 19, 2014 05:31    

Hi All,

First - Excellent software! Easy to post, etc. Now, I just installed the new version b2evolution version 5.1.2 which went smoothly & everything that I'm used to working although I did encounter 2 problems with 1st, post counter when posting normally you will see how many people have that particular post in the dashboard tab as well as the posts that have been viewed has been reset to 0.

Has anyone encountered that & if so would you kindly give me a hint as to how to fix. Thank you in advance

2nd situation is in the the 10 most popular posts tab on the side column in the has changed to the most recent posts posted. Anyone who has pointers would be appreciated.



2 Sep 19, 2014 06:36

Hello @glrenn07,

Both questions are related with post counting, and they are not bugs but the feature is not supported anymore. Since version 5.1.0, the view counting has been removed due to performance issues.

Please check the list of changes of that version:


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