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1 Feb 14, 2017 21:11    

Version in 6.8.6

I had a validation error using I had to move the <tfoot> section below the <tbody> to remove the error i.e before [echo $this->tableend;] even though indicates the order as irrelevant.

2 Mar 27, 2017 17:43

Version 6.8.8 In /plugins/_calendar.plugin.php moved <tbody> code Lines 806 to 834 to below </tbody> and before </table> to get rid of validation error

3 Mar 28, 2017 00:29

@amoun we will check why is the plugin done this way and if your fix can be integrated into the standard code. Thank you.

4 Mar 29, 2017 07:43

@amoun a fix will be included in the next release. Thank you.

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