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1 Nov 23, 2012 21:01    

They mean that the given post can only be viewed by community members, that means: anyone that is logged in with a username and password.

So it doesn't change much for you.

But it excludes Googlebot from seeing those posts. This is designed to make the forums a lot less attractive to spammers.

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2 Nov 23, 2012 23:24

Well, i think this is an extreme measure to take, especially when we are in a safer harbour (b2) than that 10 year old phpbb2.
For example when i look for something i am used to type in rather than the site search.It will also effect 'visitors' badly too.

All in all, i think this does more harm than good if you ask me.I know that spam is a serious issue, but we were handling it pretty good with sam2kb until it became unbearable at some point.However like i said before, i think we are less likely to attract spam with b2, and it'll allow us easier ways to deal with it even if we do get spam.

3 Nov 24, 2012 18:49

Hurt the users? What are you talking about? We make the community content public in less than 24 hours.

4 Nov 25, 2012 05:19

OK than.Still... Seems overkill to me.How is going around approving posts is any better than deleting posts?They both waste the same time i think.It's like you assume every post is spam, if not publish.Which is a very cynical approach.

I think we should go back to usual way.It's not like the forums were getting tens & hundreds of spam from different users.
What happens usually was; some spammer coming along and posting in several threads, which was only a pain because of phpbb, going into every topic deleting them one by one.With b2 we can delete the user and all of his posts with one step, which will make it super easy to deal with possible spam attack.

Anyhow, the FP i know wouldnt change it anyway so i am probably wasting my breath here, i should better start getting used to it (:

I just want new posts to be orange to keep track other than these all seems great

6 Nov 25, 2012 21:17

Note: when we have a little more time we'll add a feature for moderators to put one user and all his contributions under review in one click.

@tilqicom : exactly! When you let UGC (User Generated Content) get published directly, you become a primary sweet spot for spammers and they will start developing robots specially for spamming your site. And, as a matter of fact, the majority of your UGC will be spam. I have seen this on dozens of sites I've worked on. It's not cynical, it's pragmatic. Again, it doesn't hurt the real users. They see the comments immediately after logging in. And as a forum user you are logged in 100% of the time (especially once the orange marks for new content will be back)

Also remember the end goal is that everything posted by trusted users will be automatically published.

7 Nov 27, 2012 01:10

Is the "Published" banner really needed to be shown to visitors, who can't see posts with other statuses anyway? I mean, for them all posts will be published.

8 Nov 27, 2012 01:20

Kind of unnecessary but not completely.It allows you better distinguish between community-review-published posts.
But yeah, especially "published" banner should be way more subtle -almost invisible-
Also i think, colors would let us notice easily, and "community (pending)" posts shouldnt be "green" since it usually stands for published.Community banner may be orange , while published should be less distinctive, gray or something, if we are gonna keep it.Review may be anything, blue, yellow, you name it.

Alex wrote:

Is the "Published" banner really needed to be shown to visitors, who can't see posts with other statuses anyway? I mean, for them all posts will be published.

9 Nov 27, 2012 01:35

I was against displaying the "published" banner to visitors, they are not logged in and they can't see any other post status.

11 Nov 27, 2012 06:11

That's quite a chart :D
Good good.. Finally an actual manual coming along

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