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1 Aug 04, 2015 21:59    

I just stumbled across a new concept (to me), and given that it's being suggested this is in the offing with WP, may mind naturally drifted towards whether the same could be feasible with b2evo.

Now bear in mind that I read about this for the first time no more than 20 minutes ago, my understanding if extremely limited, especially where the likes of Backbone, Ember, Angular and so on are concerned. I'm curious as to what possibilities may exist, and in understanding whether it really is something to get excited about.

Anyway, these were the two pieces I read about the concept in, and the link that lead me there

2 04 Aug 2015 23:26

I've stumbled on this a couple weeks ago too but wasn't fully convinced.

The only argument that makes sense to me is if it can speed up the interactions with the site (at the cost of slowing down the first load :/) (ok, to be fair, maybe it also has potential for a richer user experience in the browser)

We could pretty easily implement an API for going headless. However we would need an "app" on the front end to use the API. This is a completely new area to explore.

Frameworks like bootstrap make it easy to quickly implement traditional web pages.

But to my knowledge there are no frameworks of the same caliber (I mean "very high level") for the "head app" development. Things like AngularJS are not as hight level as we'd like.

But again, I'm not deep enough in the concept to really know what I'm talking about here ;)

If you have any ideas about how to quickly put together a "head" to work with out "headless CMS implementation", I'm all ears!

3 04 Aug 2015 23:38

I would think my background leaves me miles behind where your start point is to be honest. I'm only just beginning my journey into JavaScript, though I've recently been stumbling through an online Backbone course - the concepts and language (not programming language) used to describe them are so alien to me, it's going to take time to sink in. i guess I'm coming from the 'if WP can be made to do it, why not b2evo'. I would really struggle with a use case for my needs (basic blog), though it has me curious. More reading to do I think...

4 04 Aug 2015 23:48

Any good intros/online course to Backbone, Angular, Ember or Knockout are welcome links ;)

5 05 Aug 2015 00:07

This is the one I've been doing - - realistically, it's a bit advanced for my current skill set, even if it is a 'getting started' course. I was only really looking at it from a review perspective, as I have a small role at Sitepoint helping out on their forum, and helping get the word out about what they do. I got an early chance to look at it before it went public. If you have the pre-requisites and can work with Ilya's accent, then it might be a good start point - he definitely seems to understand what he's talking about.

6 10 Aug 2015 15:44

Everyone is so hyped up about WP REST API, its still possible to play with json data via php, but javascript is pretty much a requirement to make proper-intended use of it.

Personally, while I agree with the fact that javascript is a "necessity" , it should not be a "requirement" . Even if js is assumed available in 99% of everything -even your fridge probably has it- these days, I dont think thats the fact.

This is -still- my idea of a website : http://goo-gl/pNN9ON (
warning: includes coarse language beginning from the domain name, hence the url shortening
also: you'll have to replace the - with . obviously )

From there on you can go crazy providing the content is accesible. But you should never, ever see a "blank page" or "please enable js" warning

This is why I despise the recent enforcing of "Customizer" as a rule in WP themes recently. I dont know, maybe JS will be a "requirement-standart" after all, but I dont think it is, not yet.

PS: These are my long standing ideas BUT It might be the time to change my old fashioned attitude :D Given that even some parts of large foundations like google - facebook throws "blank page" or "warnings" at your face if you dont have js enabled

Illegal content found: blacklisted word «//goo . gl».
I guess url shortneres are a no-go ? :D

8 24 Nov 2015 16:09

Thanks for the update Francois

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