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1 Nov 14, 2017 12:42    

Hi all
Sorry if this has been asked before.
I am trying to find out where to change the layout of posts for a given skin (or is the layout of posts at a more basic level than a specific skin ?)
As an example I would like to know which file to edit to remove the author of all posts, or remove the title of all posts, or add something to all posts, etc.

Thanks :-)

2 Nov 15, 2017 07:34

@jan_kirk finding where to touch will depend on what specific things you want to do. In general the post information is displayed in the skin. So you will need to override the template files in your own skin and modify them accordingly.

For example, if you're using Bootstrap Blog, then you need to copy the files skins_fallback_v6/ and skins_fallback_v6/ to your skin folder skins/bootstrap_blog_skin, the first one for the "container" and the second one for the content of the post.

An easy way to identify which files do you need to override is by enabling the debug mode and showing the containers and includes from the Dev menu of the evobar as displayed in the screenshot below. Basically, when you see the message "Skin template: xyz" in the green squares, it means those files are in you skin, so you can edit them directly. In the other hand, when you see "Fallback to: xyz", then you need to override those files into your skin before to edit them.


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