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1 Jan 25, 2019 17:00    

Added the facebook widget to blog A > Content Single, above the Content and tried below the Content and I can see it in FF Inspector but it's not showing on the page.
(I put a red border around the "element" which shows where it should be displaying) This is a fresh, unaltered b2evo installation.

2 Jan 26, 2019 14:37

I know I took a scrnshot with a red border. Maybe I should be posting this in bugs?

4 Jan 31, 2019 01:23

@poorboy2 I cannot reproduce this bug, the widget seems to work fine on my end. There were a couple of times when the widget took some time (not more than a minute though) before displaying the contents so the issue may be network related.

Does the <iframe> that you have highlighted in your screenshot have any content (inside the <html> tag)?

5 Feb 01, 2019 20:15

url was supplied

Have another

That's a Softaculous one-click install.

Let me know if you want credentials for anything

        <div class="evo_widget widget_plugin_evo_facebook"><iframe src=";width=450&amp;layout=standard&amp;action=like&amp;size=small&amp;show_faces=1&amp;share=0&amp;height=80"
                        width="450" height="80" style="border:none;overflow:hidden"
                        scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe></div>

6 Feb 02, 2019 01:30

It's on my end. I should have checked a different browser. It shows in Chromium but not firefox. My OS is Ubuntu, hence Chromium as opposed to Chrome. I'm about done with firefox on linux I think. On the right is Chromium/Chrome.

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