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1 Apr 11, 2018 08:30    

I don't think this is possible yet, if it is, perhaps i can be directed/pointed in the right direction?

Could it be possible to add a new feature available when Advanced Workflow is enabled and then available in Post Edit page: This feature is similar as Post Tags, but instead you add user names that will be reflected as 'Contributors' (an additional checkbox to display / credit contributors listed in front-office). This is because this feature support two aspects namely 1) Filtering in back-office and 2) Credits in posts in front-office.

There are two reasons for this, the

1) First being that some 'content blogs' publish posts that are contributed by external members (someone like a guest author) or had other vendors/participants contribute parts thereof, or research completed for the post.

2) The second, this involves a secondary feature (which I will split into another post, however it is related to this request also) . The ability to change the post status of all posts by and/or: post author, post contributor/s.


The need for this sprung from a situation where a contributor to a collection requested that all their contributed content be pulled of the collection/site.

Sometimes a contributor is not the author, such as contributors who provide media, video or photographic content while a blog/collection/topic author do a write up about the contents/event surrounding the content, such as a wedding events blog.

This basically will allow admin to open a control, and input (optional) by author/s, and input (optional) by contributors, target select post types | all, select 'change post status' and (optional) assign all affected posts to user/member with (optional) Priority, (optional) Task-Status, (optional) Deadline.

This allows 100s of post/s to easily be pulled/reviewed/deprecated.

(PS: Can't there be a separate category for feature requests? )

2 Nov 11, 2018 15:28

Ok, we added this to the todo list. We actually also need something similar for finer permissions.

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