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1 Feb 05, 2013 00:16    

I'm using b2evo a very long time now. There are some things I miss and it would be great to found them in V 5:

- Password protectet Posts
single posts with a unique passwort, independent of users or groups

- a poll/voting plugin
so, that the most poll things are offered as in WP and not like the plug in Democracy Poll at the moment (which will not works correctly in my v 4.1.x)

- a statistik tool/plug in
which will save the data forever, so that I can bind in div art of counters of my site and I will have a little more features in the backend

- a build in spam protect
with captchas like the tool of blueyed, for comments and trackback links; the antispam-list will not works alone (as I switched to the new 4.1.x, I need to disable the AJAX-thing of the comment site for a correct working of the captcha plug in - so I could see, that the antispam list doesn't help to prevent the tons of spam commentares with enabled AJAX)

- an auto updater
which will shown in the backend that there is a new version and I can update with one click on it

I thing, b2evo is a really great tool, but some things I'm missing. The features above and themes resp a good description how I can make my own theme.

So I hope, the new version will not only got tons of new features - I hope, there will be really good new features like above in it ;)

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