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Features for the Plugin Captcha Questions (captcha_qstn)

Started by on Sep 04, 2016 – Contents updated: Sep 04, 2016

Sep 04, 2016 16:36    

I now activated the captcha questions plugin because the captcha images doesn't work correctly in 6.7.6. And I have some suggestions for this plug in:

  1. It should have the option in the settings to work for trackbacks too. So I can get the TB link after answered question.
  2. Multi language: the viewer should have the option to change the language for the question - e.g. german as standard and english as option. So in the settings I should have a text field for every language I chose.
  3. A reload button for the question. If I don't understand the question, I should have the possibility to reload a new question I can answer (hopefully ;) ).

These are my suggestion for this plug in.

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