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1 Jan 08, 2016 02:59    

I upgraded to 6.6.6 and I am trying to fix the indention of subcategories in the category list. They used to be indented, and I've found other older sites where they were. Mine isn't. I'm also using the latest Mystique skin.
When I look at the source code in rendered site, there is a <ul> missing before each list of subcategories. I can add the missing <ul> with Firebug and it displays correctly. I just can't find where to make that change in the source code. The css is correct.

Any ideas?

3 Jan 08, 2016 21:44

Awesome. That works. Thanks.

4 May 07, 2016 17:14

Speaking of the Mystique skin, in addition to the desktop version, I created a mobile version of the skin, and have now made it Google mobile-friendly.
Looking back at the installed skins and comparing with my desktop version, I have the following files with items changed.

class mystique_Skin extends Skin

class mystique_mobile_Skin extends Skin

var $version = '2.1.3';

var $version = '2.1.4';

return 'Mystique';

return 'Mystique Mobile';

return 'normal';

return 'mobile';

'default' => $skins_url.'mystique/images/gravatar.jpg',

'default' => $skins_url.'mystique_mobile/images/gravatar.jpg',

skin_include( '', array() );

skin_include( '', array(
'viewport_tag' => '#responsive#',
) );

The above should flag the url as mobile-friendly for Google, but changes in style.css make it work. I'm attaching the revised version of the stylesheet, though more work could be done to refine it.

The file skininfo.html probably should also be changed.


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