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1 Feb 10, 2015 18:40    

My idea for easy trackbacks into the own blog(s) are:
- a special field "Own Trackbacks" under the post creation/trackback field in the expert mode.

This field will work similiar the search or tag field - I write one or more words or chars in it and it looks into the titles of all my post in my blog(s),. And I can choose it.

Or another idea: this field has an extra "result field" for my written chars/words. And in this result field there will be the list of the results and every title has a checkbox in front - so I can easyly check it to trackback it.

Thanks for reading

2 13 Feb 2015 21:06

Hi @ednong,

Some people consider trackbacks as a legacy feature, so I don't know how much support could be around your idea. Maybe automatic pingbacks between posts made on b2evolution sites would be better (if is not already implemented - I have to dig deeper).

I also thing that a feature exactly as you suggested is perfect to be developed as a third-party plugin, it would be nice if somebody in the community take the lead on it.

As always, this post will be in the developers' Improvements list and they will evaluate how to proceed.


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