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1 Feb 03, 2015 20:39    

I would be very happy about a checkbox to disable AJAX-Forms in comments for all blogs with one click.

After every update this (terrible) thing will be on. It is on if I put it off in the version before. And it does not works with the plugin of blueyed - his captchas (the best captcha plugin I ever had). So I need to deactivate AJAX form in every blog. And in this installation are a lot of blogs, really. And you need to deactivate in every one.

So it would great to have only one checkbox in general settings to disable this in every blog. Or make it like this list:

  • off for every blog
  • off for every blog, blog could overwrite it
  • on for every blog
  • on for every blog, blog could overwrite it

And it would really nice to put it in the database or the config file, so if I update b2evo it will read out this config and not overwrite it with the next update.


2 03 Feb 2015 20:43

At the beginning of the text line after the list, it should be "And it would really". In the text there is written "And it would really", so I cannot edit it to be correct. May be this is a bug of this b2evo too?

3 03 Feb 2015 21:08

After thinking about this, I changed the title of the post and get a better idea:
In the settings there is one corner/tab for settings of all kind of blogs like in the list above.

So I can create new blogs very easy with defaults I like. And I can decide, if I want to make extra settings of every blog. And it should be possible, to save this config in the DB, so after an update/upgrade the settings will be the same (and not resetted like the AJAX form thing).

Maybe it is possible to get a page with a overview about the settings in all blogs so there is an easy way to compare the settings between the blogs and easy way to change some settings.

4 14 Feb 2015 01:13

I think the main issue is that the thing should not turn on automatically after each upgrade, right?

The other suggestions are mainly for trying to deal with the main one above?

Regarding the "And" thing, it's weird. I used markdown instead of BBcode for your list. Works better ;)

5 14 Feb 2015 01:31

Yeah, the "And"-thing is weird.

Right guess, the main suggestion is to let it be as it is. When it is deactivated, it should be deactivated after the upgrade.

The second suggestion is to have one master page for new blog. And it should be possible to change/edit its settings before I create a new blog/other thing - like the master site in pagemaker or other application which have this concept of a master page.

The second idea I got after I had written down the first post. Its a little bit mixed now, sorry about this.

6 19 Feb 2015 19:13

Yes I have problems with Ajax forms too, I see no point in using ajax in such simple forms anyway. It'd be great to disable them all together.

7 01 Mar 2015 03:21

You said it: "... not turn on automatically after each upgrade, right?"

And one week later, the upgrade to 5.2.2 will force the ajax forms on every blog again. Needs again 15 minutes to deactivate in every blog.

PLEASE, please - don't force its activation with the next update. It is terrible, really. :(

8 01 Mar 2015 13:13

@tilqicom here is the reason to use Ajax forms:

@ednong wrote:

And one week later, the upgrade to 5.2.2 will force the ajax forms on every blog again

You're right, but it's possible that recent comments and ideas don't make it right in the next release, especially if it's done one week later. Please check the changelog of the next release to see if this issue is already fixed, if it is not, you can avoid it by using the quick upgrade procedure (


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