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1 Jan 16, 2016 16:18    

it would very nice, if I can chose in my preferences the date format like ISO 8601 ( | )/EN 28601.

So I don't need to scroll until I will find a post with a date where the middlest part is greater than 12 to know it is the day ...

ISO 8601 for today is: 2016-01-16. It would be great to have the ability to set this in the preferences in the forum(s) of b2evo.


2 Jan 16, 2016 18:26

Few minutes ago I modified the date format just like 'Y-m-d' on the bootstrap-forum skin, and now ,I see your topic here.
Really , it's useful, also change it mannuly is not a hard work.

3 Jan 19, 2016 00:53

Why I should do so? It would be nice, to have this ability in the settings for all.

And in this post I have 3 places with dates - in 2 different formats. So I guess, changing this thing manually in the skin will let one or two place/s untouched ...

6 Jan 24, 2016 23:19

Ok, that's not possible indeed. But we might change the format for everyone. I am annoyed with the US date format myself.

7 Jan 24, 2016 23:21

Done :p (If you use the en-US locale)

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