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FR: 6.6.7 - Wiki Tables Plugin - own Class and own ID

Started by on Jan 07, 2016 – Contents updated: Jan 09, 2016

Jan 07, 2016 16:03    

it would be very nice to have an extra class and a ID generated automatically (same as from the post ID) with the table from the wiki tables plugin. So I could make a style especially for tables generated with this plugin and if I wish a special style for the table in this post with ID number x.

So the generated code will be:
<table class="wikitabl" id="1234">
... table content ...

08 Jan 2016 18:54

@ednong what if you have more than one table in the same post? The id parameter won't make any sense.

09 Jan 2016 04:16

the ID would be only theoretical ...

I don't think about table posts ;)

09 Jan 2016 10:45

@ednong all right, this is on the feature requests list now.

Some additional ideas:

  1. Enable/disable the feature from a checkbox in the configuration panel.
  2. A configuration parameter to customise the class name. i.e.: "my-own-class", so the resulting table could be:

    <table class="my-own-class my-own-class-[post/comment ID]">

    This can be the result if that custom class field is left empty:

    <table class="wiki-table wiki-table-[post/comment ID]">

Thank you.

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