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1 Apr 10, 2019 05:34    

I have looked around here but nothing found about it. So I make a feature request.

For Posts I need sometimes a stop date/end date for publishing them. This post should be published an exact time slot, e.g. from today 09:45 o'clock to tomorrow 18:37 o'clock.

So I need an additional field for the end date and end time of a post.

And when I write this, I got a better idee. There solus be for post the fields:

  • start time, start date and visibility state;
  • additional fields for date, time and states of this post in the future;
  • additional fields for the end of publishing of this post like date, time and visibility state.

The last one may be obsolet because I can define it with the fields in the second point.

What do you think about it?

2 Apr 10, 2019 09:48

Sounds a reasonable idea.

Alternatively/ temporarily
Under Features > Posts you can show only future posts
Each post can have a future date and time, so only those will show until that date and time

You can even add fields to a whole item type to add another value
and you can order by that value.

You can also make a separate collection for 'Posts to Die'

Otherwise it looks like you are asking for multiple time slots for an item so it can be switched on and off as you want. So how many times would suit you?

I suppose a table with multiple dual data could hold the info and a script could purge past dates.

3 Apr 10, 2019 17:00

thank for your reply.
A lot of ideas - but the best and easiest for user is the end of publishing field I gues.

Maybe it should be flexible. Normally I have 1 date set - publish at/with "date-time-state".
And I can add a new set of "date-time-state" for changing one or more of this in the future.
And if this one is not enough, I can create another additionally set of this ...

I gues, this would be great.

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