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1 Jul 01, 2013 11:41    


After installing Version 5.0.4. I noticed that the keyword cloud widget doesn't accept german characters like ÜÖÄüöäß. In the keyword cloud these characters are replaced by '?' and the link to the post is not clickable.

In the administration panel the german characters are not shown correctly either.

With version 4.1.7. this was not an issue.

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2 Jul 01, 2013 20:56

check the database collation for your tables, make sure all of them are utf8

3 Jul 02, 2013 00:16

Ok... I installed a new database and changed from latin1_swedish_ci to utf8_general_ci but I still get troubles with german umlauts.

Example from

[Alle außer der aktuellen Sitzung] "All but current session" should read [Alle außer der aktuellen Sitzung]...

All tables are correctly filled with utf8-blog-entries, but the administrative area and the keywords still have problems.

4 Jul 02, 2013 17:46

Found the problem at last... In /webblogs/admin.php?ctrl=regional the charset was still set to iso-8859-1. I reconfigured the language setting to utf-8 and the problem was gone.

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