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1 Mar 08, 2017 06:22    

Hello I am Dwayne, I am a 40 years old diesel truck technician at a dealership(20+) years. In 1996 I was accepted to the University of WIndsor Computer Science program but I couldn't accept it because I came from a very poor family, I told myself I would work full time for a year then go. Yea that didn't work. I discovered Univerity of the People (make fun all you want I'm proud of it). its a tuition free University where I am finally completing my dream of getting my CS degree. I hope to get into automotive software design after school. If not I am also interested in "Just in time" programming.

I loaded b3evolution on a site I owned for a while (that I never used). I have always wanted to start a blog and I want a way to help other students from the school.

I just spent an hour looking for a theme or skin that is tech based (green, stereotypical font's and binary images for the title picture [read matrix]). I am very NOT artistic so the chance of me making one is slim to non. As of now I have very little money, maybe in the next 6 months or so I'll have $$ to pay one of you awesome designers to build me a cool theme/temple/plugin (still trying to understand the difference).

So far I love this software and I asked members of my school to help run it.

Interests: Computers and computer programming, electronics, automotive datalink communication (search it up, its more interesting then you think), super sport motorcycles (Kawasaki ZX10R). My least interest is actually diesel mechanics as a job, I have lost all passion on this!

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