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1 Nov 24, 2014 15:30    

Hello friends
I am a newbie here and I don't know that how to use B2evolution. Previously I was using blogger platform for my website based on New Year Images, Wishes, SMS etc and now I wants to move it on B2Evolution. But don't know that how to install it on my domain name. Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

2 Jan 20, 2015 18:17

Hi globalcraze

This isn't the right/best place for help, the title says it's for help on the Forum not support for b2evolution; which is maybe why you had to wait so long for a reply. Please use

Saying that
Sorry about the delay, hope you are still on board. Apparently this forum can only have a a maximum of three links per post.

If you have access to your website host computer
1. Download and

else your host will have to do it for you.

Then to move your data from Blogger See next post :)

Don't reply or ask further questions here, use the link I provided first.

All the best

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