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1 Jun 07, 2018 16:52    

Although YouToube offers an option with extended data-protection for the iframe snipset, most DPOs doubt that this guarantees compliance with GDPR. The best solution seems to be a double-click as suggested by a data protection authority in Germany (e.g.
Meanwhile wordpress offers a plugins (like These plugin keeps YouTube Tracking away from users until they decide to play the bottom and after they got informed that YouTube is tracking, using e.g. Google Fonts etc.

So, is there a way to place an image with a data protection declaration and after confirming the video will load respectively the YouTube snipset will be called. May be that this runs with a container in which via ajax the video is called.

It would be much easier to place al link to Youtube. That that would not really be smart and keep visitors on the site.

Does anyone have an idea how to realize this?

Tanks, Will

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