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1 Apr 26, 2019 18:40    

2 Apr 26, 2019 18:45

You have not provided any detail and are relying on other people here to ask questions, which is not a good idea

If you have your site to allow anonymous registrations not verified by email how do you verify ??

What settings do you have on User >settings > Registration ??

You could add a CAPTCH or Turin test that would stop a lot of bots but not humans spammers ??

There are many options but you haven't made any effort to say what you have tried. :(

3 Apr 27, 2019 11:58

sorry i was a bit absent minded, the question was already conveyed through the title and i was of the feeling that that is enough,
I am already using a CAPTCHA
How can I setup a turin test

4 Apr 27, 2019 17:48

i was of the feeling that that is enough
more like a minimal idea :(

Make it clearly and giving details on what you have done is essential so others don't have to go over all their ideas as was the case with the CAPTCHA

And by not answering the questions it makes it difficult to know exactly what you have done, so again the detail is very important to save responders time and effort in asking in the first place, and then not to answer is unhelpful to those trying to help ??

I'm attaching a zip of my old copy which works fine. I've been using it since v2.4.* to 6.10.8 with no changes.

But please add more detail of your problems, it makes it much easier to.

Hope the plugin helps

Have fun :)


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