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1 Feb 14, 2016 03:20    

Now we have the setting 'Maximum upload filesize' for one single file , but no total uploading files size limit by per user. If we have many users and each one has the permission to upload files, then the server data space may never enough.
So, I think it is necessary to limit the total uploading files size by per user, and it's better if there are differences between the various User Groups.

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2 Feb 25, 2016 08:08

@haharen maybe being able to set a per-folder limit would be useful as well.

3 Feb 25, 2016 09:09

Hi @mgsolipa
Yes, maybe.

Why I consider this problem is that b2 file management and upload function is very powerful and easy to use, I would like to open this function to teachers and students for saving some attachments and text documents. But also because it is very easy and convenient to use, some users may use it as a network hard disk , and upload all kinds of documents without limits.

I know, as time goes on, space may be never enough, but we can make an assessment according to the existing situation of server dataspace. Restrict total files size of per-user , on one hand can reflect the current capacity of server dataspace , on the other hand, can give the user a reminder, to avoid unnecessary resources uploading.

In addition, it's better if we can set it by UserGroup(the best if we can set for individual user). Because such as the public forum, in principle we should not set the total upload capacity for user. If we do it, some users which attached frequently(active users) may can't upload more attachments and have to delete previous attachments.Obviously, this is not what we want. For this reason, we need a function which can increase the total limit of user by the setting of UserGroup or per-user. There is another method, do not calculate attachment size for some collections(such as public forum). Of course, only administrator can set this attribute.

Viewpoints above are the methods I have known. If I am wrong, or there is a better way, please enlighten me. Thank you. :)

Best regards.

4 Mar 04, 2016 23:35

@haharen I think it would be easier to limit the size by file-root. For example:

  • limit each collection media dir to some size (could depend on group settings of collection owner) (would solve the Forums issue you mention)
  • limit each user media dir to some low number, e-g 500 MB (could depend on group settings)
  • limit the shared media dir to e-g 10 GB (would not depend on a user group)

Would this work for you?

If, instead, we want to control uploads by user we need to keep track of every single upload of a user and if the admin moves files on disk, or if there are some FTP operations, we sort of lose track.

On the other hand, it may be very interesting to keep track of all uploads of each user for security reasons anyways.

5 Mar 04, 2016 23:58


Yes, now I think to limit 'each collection', 'each user media dir', and 'shared media dir' is much better than my idea. Maybe we would always lose some informations for keeping track a user is really complex, and as time goes on, my way is also not easy for maintaining.

Thanks for reminding me.

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