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1 Mar 19, 2013 16:53    

Hi all, I've recently installed this blog app to my site and I love the look and feel and ease of making some of the changes. I did find on the "Blog Settings | General Tab", the field for URL "Filename": and I updated the value to be blog5. Connecting to the url with /blog/blog5.php works fine, but not: which is where my files are located. I get a file not found error like it is still looking for blog1.php which no longer exists. I need to know where to change the internal settings for references to "blog1" to "blog5". I saw no button or option to rename files, so that wasn't an option and cannot find it under any of the settings.

The second issue is I want folks to register first before adding any notes. The registration page appears to work with the exception of the requiring the user to validate their email address. They get redirected to ...../blog/blog1.php which again does not work. In hind site, I probably should have deleted the others and modified blog1.php,but I didn't unfortunately since I assumed there would be a file setting to change this to the newly created blog name I added. Am I missing something in the Admin Dashboard I should look at?

Thanks for your prompt responses! :-)

2 Mar 24, 2013 23:44

Look at the contents of the blog?.php file and especially the variable $blog= you will find in there.

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