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1 Jan 15, 2017 03:48    

Hello everybody,

after a long absence I ungraded my b2evolution 5 to 6 ( My skin is a customized asevo. Everything works so far (as I can tell yet). But there is one thing which makes me b2evolution nearly unusable.

To explain this, let's take a look on my workflow which worked till now. When "in the field", I write a post. I have several images which are already resized, sharpened, watermarked etc (Lightroom or Photomechanic output). I write my article (post). Then I upload all images via the quick upload uploader, and then i put the images directly in the post. No resizing, no lightbox, no link - not wanted and not needed. For example:

After the upgrade, this funcionality is no more available. Instead, when using quick uploader and making images in my post, a get a resized preview with link etc.

I don't exactly remember, but earlier I just uploaded images and then put them directly into my post.

So: Is there any possibility to put images directly into the post without resizing, links, preview, lighbox etc.? It would be fine for me if you have to do so out of the files panel. I just want to write a post, and then quickly add my alreday right-sized images into the post.

Thank you for any ideas.

2 Jan 15, 2017 18:41

Ahem... this is one of the classical cases where you want to do things the way you did them 10 years ago but the world has changed in between.

You think you have your images at the "right" size. But the truth is there is no such thing as a right size any more. Look at how your website looks on a mobile phone. See below.

b2evolution 6 wants to automatically size your images to the "right" size for the viewer's device... if you let it!

3 Jan 16, 2017 01:41

Thank you. It's not that I didn't check the output on mobile devices. But in fact, that's a certain time gone.

Ok, so you're right. And I had no problem with b2evo sizing pictures the right size (although on my devices (Android with Opera, Chorme, Firefox) the browsers display the site nearly correct -not 100% perfect, but definitely not unusable. - and the browsers resize the pictures. Generally, my undestanding would be to deliver valid XHTML / CSS and let the user resp. device "decide" decide how to display it. Ok, that's more a acaddmic discussion right now).

In the end, even though out of the box it's not as I visualized it, I have to and will make myself familar with this functionality of b2evo. And probably it's a good cause for renewing the site.

4 Jan 16, 2017 17:15

About renewing your site: we have a responsive version of asevo in the works.

This is not final but it's a start:

We'll finish it in the upcoming weeks.

You might be interested in using this as a starting point when redesigning your site.

5 Jan 17, 2017 00:20

That sounds good, thank you!

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