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1 Oct 20, 2019 12:19    

Good afternoon, can you please tell me what needs to be done to get this forum installed, so I selected Russian, then I entered the database data, and then clicked until an error appeared, I adjusted the error image, can I do something to fix this? On hosting, these features are included in php, as the host told me.
This error or not error appears in versions 7.0.1 beta and 7.0.0 alpha, in version 6.11.3 everything is fine, but I really want to try beta.

If you do not understand and need to rephrase, write, I will try to explain in more detail.

2 Oct 20, 2019 20:39

Please show screen shot of problem include url bar

3 Oct 21, 2019 21:07

@amoun wrote earlier:

Please show screen shot of problem include url bar

Good evening! Sorry, I don’t need to, thank you very much, the forum was installed, I specifically wanted to install it to take a screenshot for you so that you can see it, but the forum suddenly installed successfully, and I was very surprised. Likely something on a hosting was or at me with mysql.

And can you please tell me with the translation? The forum partially in Russian, partially in English, even mostly in English, downloaded the translation of its language to watch, but it is all translated, but the forum does not appear, can you tell me what can be done?

4 Apr 30, 2020 23:29

Sorry I never answered this I hope all is ok.

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