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1 Sep 04, 2013 02:19    

b2evo505: I wonder if there is any reason why cached pages are still there when you change a post name or even delete a post! After you delete a post (and logg off) you still see it in the category or blog page (for 10 minutes, or whatever $pagecache_max_age is), and if you click on it (like a normal user would do) you get a 404 page: b2evolution cannot resolve the requested URL.

I think that when you modify a post, the corresponding cached page should be deleted immediately, so the first user who tries to see it get a fresh cached page, and the same applies to blogs and categories pages. Even more so when you delete a post...

2 Sep 08, 2013 02:38

If you click on it you get a 404: so the delete page does NOT exist any more!

I believe you say that OTHER pages that link to the deleted page are not refreshed for 10 minutes. Yes that is the case. We don't know how many other pages link to a deleted page when it's deleted, so we cannot invalidate those caches. This is why the cached pages expire after 10 minutes. Otherwise we'd keep then for 6 months without worries.

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