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1 Nov 24, 2015 19:06    


I am using free hosting that has a limit of the file size. All files should be less 500 KiB.
I successfully installed the cms but when first time I want to login as admin I saw error message.
"{"salts":["890jJ0X5"]}The uploaded file exceeds the hosting plan limit. Please, consider upgrading to a more powerful hosting package. free hostia .com"

I think that cms tried to create a file that exceed limit.
I made a search of such file using filezilla ftp client and found no file more than 500 KiB.
Maybe it just trying and fails.

Than I requested help from hosting admins and got the answer on my ticket
" I am afraid that unfortunately this is caused by an uploaded file within the allowed limit.
Your system would need to create bigger files than 500kb and for that reason the error is returned.
Please note that Chocolate users maximum upload size is 500kb. "

What file need to be created on the user login and how can I resize it or disable.
Of course if it possible to do this.

Could be helpful if someone provide any free hosting with innoDB SQL engine.
I want to create a blog and buy a hosting for now is too expensive for me.
My email Feel free to contact.

Best Kanstantsin.

CMS version 6.6.6-stable

Maybe it will help somehow: steeps to reproduce
lg admin
pass any

see error message

2 Nov 27, 2015 19:51

@yocaminobien actually, the error message is displayed even before to login.

That 500k is such a very restrictive limit, that may be easily exceeded, especially when you start to upload images, you will need to be extra careful.

I think you can try to remove some files included in the standard release that exceed the 500k limit. Please see the screenshot below for details. Note: if you're not using the horizon skin, none of the latest 5 files will be present in your site.

After removing the translation files you won't be able to use any other language but english. Also, the zxcvbn.js file is a password strength estimation library, so you will get a javascript error when you try to change a password, signup new users, etc, and, of course, your site will be less secure.

Please, tell us if the error is gone after removing those files. In a further comment I can tell you how to solve the js error mentioned above, but I strongly recommend you to find another hosting provider, instead of making weird changes to your b2evolution in order to make it work there.


4 Dec 04, 2015 15:56

mgsolipa and fplanque. Thanks a lot for you help. I really appreciate this.

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