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1 Aug 30, 2015 14:43    

I recently added a new post to my blog with the title 'Town regeneration' - (version 6.6.3 - URL however it does not display on the list of posts, though the category (first post with this category) can be seen and the linkblog on the left shows the post there and both will display the post but it still doesn't show on the list of posts.

4 Sep 03, 2015 08:28

@jmcgerr Is your front page based in a sort of search?

I mean, the layout of your front page corresponds to a search results display, so maybe your latest post is not included in those results.

5 Sep 04, 2015 08:57

No - that was a bad screencap - better one here

6 Sep 04, 2015 08:58

Sorry must not have attached the file

7 Sep 04, 2015 13:39

First, you post displays fine here: which means it's correctly published.

Now you should try to change your skin to the default bootstrap blog skin and confirm that it does or does not have the same problem. If it's specific to your skin, your skin is really too big a mess to be fixed.

Another approach is to change the configuration of your front page in the blog settings > features to display the post list instead of a "special"/broken front page.

8 Sep 04, 2015 21:53

Thanks - thinking of changing the skin anyway - so will see.

9 Sep 05, 2015 15:19

First and foremost i altered my skin to the Horizon Blog skin- initially didn't solve the posts problem however I took a look again at the blog link posted here and noticed, under the News menu was a white line - whatever is happening with my blog it's the front page is the issue, because the news page shows all the post, but the Front page doesn't for some reason. So I edited the link in my iframe to use the one posted here and that worked. Looking through the features as was suggested, found an option t edit what was displayed on the front page, I changed this to Recent Posts and the News menu disappeared but the posts display on the front page correctly.

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