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1 Apr 06, 2015 10:53    

Is it possible to use the script, to work blogs for members?
I mean multi-blogging every member can register his own blog

thank you

2 Apr 06, 2015 19:25

Hi @adx,

I'm not sure to have fully understood your post but you can set your b2evolution to create a new collection/blog for each new registered user. You just need to go to "b2evo > Users > User groups", select the group for which you want to enable this feature and check the option "New users automatically get a new blog".

More information here:


3 Apr 06, 2015 23:58

@adx: yes, as the administrator you can select the following options if you want:

- each user can automatically get a blog when he registers (or not)
- each user of the groups you allow can create a new blog at any time (or not)

It's very configurable.

5 Apr 07, 2015 14:01

I would like to say
This script very cool

6 Apr 07, 2015 15:08

Thanks! Please help us spread the word on twitter, facebook, etc. :)

7 Apr 07, 2015 17:36

I will do more than spread the word
thank you

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