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1 Apr 09, 2014 15:12    

It's undeniable that Wordpress holds the record of the most used content platform in the world today but little did these users know, WP isn't that powerful like B2Evo.

Based on the comments of B2evo users and community members available on the following link, one obvious reason why WP stands out is simply because it offers thousands of free themes on the web and that's basically it! LOL

To those who are looking to migrate from Wordpress to another CMS, I highly recommend B2evolution. . Please check the comments from the link posted above.

Download b2evo here >

If you have questions, the online manual will definitely help you >

Or post your question in this forum, but don't be too demanding that someone will answer your questions right away because the Dev team and support group are busy too working at the b2evo factory. ;)

2 May 30, 2014 05:03

I like how you put it: "we're working at the factory" indeed ;)

And also one thing we're going to be working on soon is: new themes/skins! ;)

3 Jan 18, 2015 09:03


WordPress and b2ev have a lot of similar qualities; both offer numerous amounts of themes and plugins, are free for users, and are generally user friendly.

Content Uploading – Both platforms offer HTML versions for created posts or pages which can be edited, as well as a visual or “WYSIWYG” screen. However, when you try to simply copy and paste content into a b2ev content field there are numerous errors that appear asking you to change the formatting before continuing which can be confusing for new users who might not understand how to edit HTML. more info.... check

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