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Contact form does not load

Started by on Dec 06, 2015 – Contents updated: Dec 16, 2015

Dec 06, 2015 20:11    

After Update to VErsion 6.6.6 the contact form does not load anymore if you are not a user

B2Evo hangs with :

Form is loading .... forever

Dec 07, 2015 13:31

See here for a working contact form on a default install:

You might have broken the form by customizing your skin.

Please turn on AJAX debugging or use the XHR debugging of your browser to see what is going on while the "spinner" is displayed.

Alternatively, turn off Ajax forms.

Dec 07, 2015 14:17

I like turn off Ajax forms. don't like AJAX what is it good for ?
Would like to but unfortunatedly I cannot
reset my admin password because of the other bug (cookie or crumb) in 6.6.6 I mentioned

I changed the passwort in MYSQL to be identic with an
non admin user I can acess but no success! I am locked out !

maybe pw problem is because of the database import from mgsolipa ??

Dec 07, 2015 14:57

The contact form problem exists with all skins !

also disabling AJAX makes B2evo not much better, comes up but nobody can send messages
because of the old problem with

<strong>Inkorrekten Crumb erhalten! [newmessage]</strong>

that still exits in 6.6.6

I would recomend to take the multidomain support out of the B2evo features list because it needs so much
of manual modification that is cannot be considered a feature of the kernel anymore!

B2Evolution protects me so much against SPAM that I don't recive any emails!

For clients it is impossible to send a email inquiry because they AJAX stays active if they are not logged in
and even if they manage to fill a form they can nnever send it because of the incvalid crumbs!

I better disable all this fancy---- protection and recieve 100 SPAMS a day but not loose 100% clients!
the only sollution now are mailto links but not every stupid user has a mail client!

How can I disable CRUMBS and AJAX and all other unwanted protections easily ??
Any HELP highly apreciated!

Dec 07, 2015 17:43

I tried several hours but still get this Crumb message !

Inkorrekten Crumb erhalten! [newmessage]

Ihre Anfrage wurde aus Sicherheitsgründen gestoppt.

Haben Sie mehr als 120 Minuten gewartet, bevor Sie Ihre Anfrage geschickt haben?

Bitte gehen Sie zur vorherigen Seite zurück und laden Sie sie neu, bevor Sie das Formular erneut abschicken.

Alternativ können Sie versuchen Ihre Anfrage erneut mit einem aktualisierten Crumb zu schicken.

Dec 08, 2015 01:03

Disable page caching (so you don't cache old crumbs) and start reading the manual a little. Thank you. (the password issue was also answered in the manual)

Dec 13, 2015 14:45

thank you I finally got it to work after several sleepless nights, now I try my other 7 B2evo installations

Form is loading...

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