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1 Sep 29, 2016 06:17    

I am in the experimental stage right now, after updating from a very old version.
Having quite a bit of experience with language packs, I'm surprised to see that editing messages.po does not impact all templates alike, if at all.
In this case, I edited locales > es-Es > LC_MESSAGES > messages.po (with poedit 1.8.9), which, first of all, did not get rid of the unnecessary "el" plus lacking space before the pub date in the Ark skin, but also keeps adding "posted on" (without translation - in spite of being translated in messages.po) in the Bootstrap_blog skin, as the attached image shows. Top: Ark skin, bottom Bootstrap_blog skin.
Is there something else that rules templates, language packs, translations and/or widgets (small print)?
Thank you!

3 Oct 01, 2016 20:58

Just editing the PO file will not do anything indeed (maybe it still worked just like that in v4 but the language packs have been optimized for website execution/plage load speed in v5)

Please see: and please share your translation fixes on Transifex (as explained in the previous link)

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