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1 Jan 25, 2013 06:19    

If someone send me an private message, when I loggin, I am able to receive the message with red figures(messages numbers) remind, it's great!

Now if the comments can also send a notification to the author, It's very useful for giving a immediate response!

In order to avoid the generation of a large number of similar notices, the same post or type of notification can be classified, merge to send once time, so notifications receiver can cancel a notice onle once, very convenient!

2 Jan 29, 2013 03:26

These options exist. Go to your profile > notifications.

3 Jan 29, 2013 09:18

@fplanque wrote:

These options exist. Go to your profile > notifications.

I see...
But it's seems basing on the email system,only using the email notification maybe have following disadvantages
1. Email is not frequently used, perhaps not only in our country. Many people don't get a email account yet, they use email only when needing some verification.I know the email must be completed during the registration, but few people would see it every day and time. This is the computer using habit in our country, may be some other counter also got similar problems.

2. Many people want to see the notification when they loggin. Notifications be showed on the frondpage when the user login in should be more simple and intuitive. Just like the private message notification.Email notification is really realtime, but not easy to search and find. Email just like a big bucket having messages at sixes and sevens. After one day, whan I login in the website, may be I had forgotten the notification, or may be I should reopen the email to find which topic I should reply!

In summary, it is necessary to have an independent notification system! It will be much useful to find and reply an post or comment!

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