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Possible Bug - V6.1.2/3 alpha (Plugin broken status phantom)

Started by on Apr 08, 2015 – Contents updated: May 27, 2015

Apr 08, 2015 09:43    

I noticed an irregularity when installing plugins which registers/creates new Database Tables.


When installing the plugin it usually (according to what I remember) request the user to confirm the database table creation after selecting the plugin to install (action). In this ver it doesn't happen, the plugins list returns after install indicating that the plugin is "broken".

After clicking either "settings" option (which is the only option available, since enable button is not visible) and cancel out, or after a page refresh, the plugin returns as "disabled". Clicking "enable" takes you to the expected database table install confirmation.

If one includes an

AfterInstall() { $this->msg( $this->status ) } // @ Returns "broken" is this right?

Not sure this is normal.

May 20, 2015 19:21

OK, we'll look into this before the end of the week.

May 25, 2015 15:24

OK, our awesome team has found the problem :) It will be fixed in the next beta (this week).

May 25, 2015 17:59

Ha ha... Ja, your team rocks!

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