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1 Nov 14, 2015 17:44    

I was trying to post this as a reply to: but the post would not submit, so I'm creating a new post for it.

@tilqicom Does that snippet allow for the twitter:image portion of the card? It's always images that increase engagement the most.

Right now I'm faced with figuring out a workaround or moving yet another blog to wordpress, and changing development plans for another b2evo blog after the template has already been built.

@fplanque wrote earlier:

It's a bit tricky to do this by default because there are many different types of twitter cards and most users don't want any by default.

@fplanque et al... Unless you've done a scientific survey, I think that's a bit of a presumption. :) It may be safer to say that many users don't know what twitter cards are. If they knew, and understood how cards increase engagement, they would likely want them.

I hate to keep harping on how wordpress does all of these things right, but I kind of have to because I think b2evo needs to be focusing on this stuff a lot more. It's one of the main reasons wordpress is reaching 25% of blog market share and is setting a goal of 50%. Suffice it to say, wordpress users know what twitter cards are, and they use them because they increase engagement and click-through traffic. <-- active installs, 10,000+ <-- active installs, 10,000+ <-- active installs, 5,000+

182 wordpress plugins dealing specifically with twitter cards integration:

Over 1000 plugins for social media:

34,700,000 results for "wordpress twitter cards". That's a lot of interest in twitter cards

Here is the relevant page on twitter's site:

These 2 pages are very telling:
Notice that among wordpress' top development and growth concerns is social media integration. This comes directly from wordpress' ceo.
Notice how b2evolution has 0.1% market share.

Ask yourself an objective question: You know.. know.. that social media is everywhere. Entire generations are absolutely glued to it, day and night. What social-media integrated blog platform are they going to choose for their own blog, and why?

In summary, social media is the killer app that b2evo is neglecting. In my opinion, b2evo is promoting itself the wrong way, with multiple "posted on/via b2evo" mentions defaulted into twitter feeds and metatags and sidebars and footers and rss feeds. Free software or not, this.. annoys users. However, a fully developed and integrated social media functionality will advertise b2evo far more effectively simply from the sheer numbers who will find it a viable alternative to wordpress.

Thanks for reading.

2 Nov 15, 2015 20:09

@jibberjab well, I think that you also made some presumptions :-). You mentioned many plugins foccused on social media, I mean, third-parties developing products over the WordPress platform. A default WP site has zero social media integration.

IMHO, comparing how the WP community evolves to integrate more and more features like this (and hundreds more) is at least unfair, when we talk about their 25% market share against our 0,1%, as you pointed out. There is a huge difference on how many people offering and demanding different sort of things.

I do agree with going to a more social networks integrated b2evolution would be a must. However, develop and integrate such features like this into the core, considering that the development team is mainly focussed on architecture + security + bug fixing + skins (another ancient pending debt that is already being paid) is by far slower than having a bunch of people focussed on a single task only: a plugin that implements X feature.

In addition to above, the b2evolution development process follows a partially community driven model, so it's a fact that if a feature is not still available (even knowing it should be) is because there is not too many people actually asking for it, and its priority remains lower than others.

Maybe this thread could work as a definitve starting point. For example, what would you expect from a b2evolution Twitter Cards integration? What features/UX/etc can we take from those WP plugins that you mentioned?


4 Nov 19, 2015 02:26

The point I was making was less about what's included in the base installation and more about the demand for twitter card types. The fact that the wordpress community has taken it upon themselves to develop 180+ twitter card plugins and 1000+ social media plugins is evidence of the demand for twitter cards and social media integration. There's no reason to think that b2evolution users wouldn't want the same kind of integration and SEO benefit.

I was looking at this page recently which looks to be a good approach at covering multiple services with unified templates.
The standard or full templates look like they'd be solid approaches.

Thanks for that plugin. I'm going to test it out over the next few days and see how it goes. Check out the link I posted in this post. It's a good way to hit multiple social sites using the same or overlapping tags, which seems maybe a simpler approach than developing separate plugins for every service...

5 Nov 25, 2015 21:21

@jibberjab Thank you for the Moz link. We are currently working pretty hard on the REST API which is a pre-requisite for many advanced integrations. Then we will work on integrations between b2evolution and many other things, including social media. Some will be handled by plugins, some in the core. The Moz link is a good starting point for us to use.

Note about twitter cards specifically:

  • They do not have REST as a prereq. I'm only telling the above to give a broader perspective on what we're up to.
  • Their use has grown a lot since I wrote what you quoted me on.

Anyways, we hear you and will address this shortly.

I'm moving this topic to the feature requests forum.

If you have more specific social media integration you want us to tackle first, feel free to post them.

Thank you.

6 Feb 21, 2016 03:37


Is there a way for the plugin you created to be backward compatible to b2evo v5.xx?

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