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Ripping apart the b2evolution to fork to another app -- A Prelaunch/User Invite Kind of app

Started by on Oct 21, 2018 – Contents updated: Nov 02, 2018

Oct 21, 2018 03:28    


I'm looking to create an app that allows users who join, to be able to then invite other users to join. Users who join would then be able to track their invitees/friends/etc.. as well as look over the users in the community to see who else has joined.

The idea is to mod the b2 app and create kind of a social network. I wouldn't need the ability for the users to create their own content/blog/posts/etc...

There are a number of open source/online apps to allow users to recruit other users (think prelanchr/unbounce/launchrock/etc..) but these apps focus more on collecting email addresses. I'm looking to be able to quickly build an initial community for a potential project.

b2evolution has a number of features that would help. The app also has a bunch of extraneous stuff I don't need. And of course, I'll have to add a bunch to get what I need.

-I'm going to need to display a couple of different pages of content under a "content" dropdown menu
-I'm going to need to display some different pages of content/stats for different aspects/data under a "myStats" dropdown menu
-I'm going to need to display some different pages of "actions" to allow the user to invite other friends/users, and to be able to track the invite process. all of this gets handled under a "inviteUsers" dropdown menu

for an Admin...
the layout looks somehing like
site collections page post widgets admin
this site | blogA | blogB....

for a "user"...
the layout migh look somehing like
this site | blogA | blogB....

I'm thinking that I'd have a "new" userType

that might have a ""frontPage" menu layout of
myContentColumn inviteUsers myStatsColumn

userRole1 would be assigned to all initial users who join

-The different pages of content would reside under a "content" dropdown menu
-Different pages of content/stats for different aspects/data would sit under a "myStats" dropdown menu
-Different actions for the invite process for user "actions" to allow the user to invite other
friends/users, as well as track the invite process gets handled under a "inviteUsers" dropdown menu

I'm curious, how difficult would it be to modify the b2evolution app for this kind of process??

I'm thinking::
-create new userRoles/userGroups
-assign roles/groups to the new user who joins
-work through the "layout" process to generate/display the new layout for the user based on the role/group
-design new dropdown menu(s) based on the existing dropdown menus..
-design the new page/content/logic to display the correct data/content based on what the user selects
(again, use the existing flow/layout/logic for an idea as to how this should work)
-generate all correct static/dynamic urls to link to the required page(s)/data/content
-get rid of the cruft/stuff the new process doesn't need..
--can this be commented out/left alone.. or does code need to be/should be actually removed???


I've reached out to a few of the "pro" support users on the main page with no luck.

Feel free to hit me up at

There's some funds for this project.


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