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1 Mar 20, 2013 19:28    

This will allow us to create manual locale selectors.

- a website visitor opens a link with ?locale=en-US URL param, and this locale is saved into the Session
- now all other pages opened in this session are displayed in en-US locale

Also allow ?locale=reset to switch back to default blog/site locale

2 Mar 20, 2013 19:55

Here's a simple example, it needs to be extended with locale check to make sure we don't save invalid locales.

// Detect visitor's locale
if( ! $Session->has_User() )
	if( $locale = param('locale', 'string') )
		if( $locale == 'reset' )
		{	// Reset saved locale
		{	// Save selected visitor's locale for this session
			$Session->set('manual_locale', $locale);
	// Activate saved locale
	locale_activate( $Session->get('manual_locale') );

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