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1 Feb 26, 2015 04:10    

I'm aiming at set up a personally blog site as my online resume. As I do not update the information frequently and this is the first time to do so, what I want ultimately is Simplicity and Free. I have checked the thread of and the comparison at The result is just contrary. Therefore, could anyone gives me the real answer as to which one is worth trying if I build a simple resume blog to inspire some top HRs?

2 Feb 26, 2015 22:43

Hello @susanrosie,

Welcome to this community.

Maybe you also would like to read this page: Besides a lot of suggestions (which are already done or in process to be implemented), the users gave us reasons from their experience on why they chose b2evolution instead of WP. In general, these comparisons are usually unfair, especially if you read them from sites named as WPsomething ;). The thruth is that, even beyond its own limitations, for us (project leaders, developers, moderators, etc.), b2evolution is the best software ever ... Period! :DD

Of course, the main difference is the size of the community behind each software and also the number and variety of resources available, that's a fact. However, that fact is not an advantage in all the cases, for example, regarding WP, severe vulnerabilities are discovered from time to time in massively used plugins or themes, compromising the security of a lot of sites around the world at the same time. Another example, taken from a user's comment in the page I linked before:

@az4vlad1 wrote:

I chose to leave Wordpress and migrate to b2evolution because my site kept getting targeted by hackers. I figured b2evolution had less hackers targeting it and I have been right.

You might consider that the basic tasks for someone that is up to start a new site (as you will do), are quite easy in both systems, however, b2evolution is designed to work "forever", actually we have people happily using versions released 6, 7 or even 8 years ago!! It's not an ideal situation but their b2evolution site works flawless.

Finally, we do our best here in the forums in order to help people with examples, solutions, tips, links to manual pages, etc. As in a small town, we all know each other and, except in particular cases, all the questions are answered within a few hours, especially those made by novice users.

I can keep writing ad-infinitum, but let's stop here for now. Please do not hesitate to make more questions.

Hope to see you soon :D

3 Feb 27, 2015 20:52

yes, I think it's worth repeating that b2evolution is designed for minimal maintenance. The goal is that you can easily set up your website and then not have to worry about it all the time ;)

Note: the article on wpmatter is very outdated as far as supported features are concerned.

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