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1 Feb 24, 2017 14:37    

I published an article some days ago, the link is : , witch feature is adding a table of the content by html tag h1 to h6 automatically.
These days I found an easy way to do it, just link a js file and add a line code would be OK.(We can achieve by a plugin or widget)
More info , please see the second floor.

2 Feb 24, 2017 14:47

NOTE: The following is for reference only.

1. Tocible
Basic Usage: $('#contents').tocible();

2. Table of Contents jQuery Plugin by Nikhil Dabas
Basic Usage: $('#contents').toc();

3. tocBuilder
Basic Usage: $('#contents').tocBuilder();

4. CSDN (Largest programmer community of China)
Code: please see the attach file below


6 Mar 02, 2017 08:39

When I make this plugin by using default TEST plugin, everything running OK, but the anchor of the table title which should jump into the content title, is not link to the current content page. So the question is that how can I get current content page url?

7 Mar 02, 2017 19:03

@haharen the current post is available through the global variable $Item.

Let's say you are coding a widget, so its display method should be something like this:

function display( $params )
	global $Item;

	echo '<a href="'.$Item->get_permanent_url().'#foo">Foo</a>';

9 Aug 17, 2017 17:18


1 The plugin does not work with "Umlaute" like "ä","ü" ... or special characters like & (so alos &uuml; does not work. Instead a blank is displayed.

That limits the use of the plugin especially for german blogs. But I's like to use it. So; is there someone who can fix this?

2 And another ask: Because I use Sticky navigation I face the problem that the fist lines of the headings called by the plugin are hidden behind the sticky navigation bar. So it would be great to localize the fist line not immediately on top but about 5 lines below. Is this possible? And how can I manage this?

Thanks and Regards

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