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Tagging support

Started by on Dec 10, 2006 – Contents updated: Dec 10, 2006

Dec 10, 2006 18:16    


is there already good tagging-support for B2e?

I found "tag fields" plugin which isn't really a plugin but more a hack of the core files.

Do the developers plan to integrate tagging support as standard feature for the future?

Dec 10, 2006 18:45

a plugin is 70% done..
But I can not give you a release date.
You can ask Yabba though...
If he is willing to release a beta thing (it works, I use it)

Dec 14, 2006 16:19

hmm probably Yabba will see this post ;)

@Yabba: Would be great if we could have a pre-release-version :)

Dec 14, 2006 17:20

lol, urm, I'll have to check if I still have a working version (if not then just grab it off Topanga).

As an aside I checked the ping list, the only record we have of pings is from your /links/ blog and we tend to ignore those.


Oct 12, 2007 01:41

Have to pull this up again. Is there a Plugin (no hack) for a Tag field? Would be great if someone got one.

Oct 13, 2007 13:44

b2e v2.0-alpha already have it built-in.

Oct 13, 2007 13:46

Thanks! I'll wait till there is at least a Beta-Release :)

Oct 14, 2007 04:03

You can try it offline and give suggestions before beta ;)

To install an offline server on your computer, download and install ->

(Read the instructions too)

Then install v2.0 on your computer :)

That way, you can give suggestions while it is early and the b2evo devs can discuss it :) So come beta or final, it might be implemented (or not).

'Never hurt to try ;)

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