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1 Dec 14, 2006 16:26    

I feel a bit unconfortable in the position of being distinguished so clearly from "Mr "Super" as, without [url=]this post of Edb[/url], I would neither have known where to start with Autoblog.
(EdB does not mention, like he did not remember ;) )

And without [url=]this guidelines[/url] I would not have considered why plugins are better than hacks.

Without the intelligent user experience of Topanga I would not even consider to add to the raw plugin some nice user features.
Without blueyed, I would not have been able to solve/learn some really basic coding issues, and nobody would have excanged me errounesly for an expert programmer :) .

Without the [url=]issues the users posted[/url] me in THIS forum, I would not have been able to debug the plugin.

Without this [url=]post about .htaccess[/url] I would not have been able to post a raw sample .htaccess for autoblog.

And without Yabba's suggestion today you would have no reason to congratulate with me (by the way inecho, thanks for your blessings, this are always welcome in these days, so please pray also for me, not only for EdB ;) ).

What I am trying to say is simply that, despite the fact I developed the plugin, indeed all the b2evolution community must be thanked for it, as they made me feel confortable and at home, thus giving me the motivation to improve it.

I understand inecho's disappointment from a human point of view, on the other hand, I don't feel EdB's criticism offensive as, reading these users/post's numbers, to have some doubts is just normal and legitimate.

I know this considerations are not relevant, but, I enjoyed a little "chat-away" during 5 min free.

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