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1 Apr 14, 2004 23:57    


I'm doing some translation work (Swedish) and I use Linux as my operating system. All reference paths in messages.po use backslash ? la Windows, which means poEdit for Linux won't let me check the references in an easy way. poEdit for Windows, on the other hand, seems to support both / and \ in paths.

The easy solution as I see it is to use slash in all .po files generated for b2evolution, but I'm not sure this is possible. Is it? Would you consider using / instead of \?

Or should maybe this be considered a poEdit problem?

2 Apr 15, 2004 00:51

I'll see what I can do to convert the backslashes.

3 Jul 01, 2004 00:23

Just in case someone else runs into the same problems as I, this is how I convert all paths in messages.po from \ to /:

sed -e '/^#:/s/\\/\//g' messages.po.with.backslashes > messages.po.with.slashes

The regular expression should be read as "If a line starts with #: replace all occurrences of \ with /".

4 Nov 24, 2005 02:11

Fran├žois, b2evo's /gettext/xg.php does use forward slashes.

Of course, also xg.bat could simply be rewritten.

I just had to use robho's method myself to allow KBabel show me the source while translating.

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