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1 Dec 18, 2006 04:35    

I'm working on several blogs at the same time and I have no time to translate the .po to spanish. The old one is not complete and even if it was, most of the plugins will not translate but remain in english.

Please, include some more languages into the 1.8 + versions.

b2evolution keeps getting better each time but the lack of some locales is a minus for a lot of us...

2 Dec 31, 2006 18:35

And once again, translators are normal people willing to give time to b2evolution...
We can't do it..
We can only give translation files, if people send them in

3 Jan 26, 2007 15:12

I'm working in a translation to spanish for 1.9.1 (my current running version). I used an old .PO file from 1.8.something and is already 95% ready. I think you could use that file, although it's has a mixture of spanish-spanish and venezuelan-spanish.

4 Jan 26, 2007 19:51

I will post the translation to pt_BR (1.9.2) next week.

5 Feb 27, 2007 23:59

Austriaco, Hope you finish the spanish version as soon as your time allows you, it will be greatly appreciated... I specially need the Venezuelan. Thanks

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