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1 Jan 16, 2007 05:03    

I have a DVD review blog. I would like to use something like the sideblog to show the last entry into the blog only and maybe only up to say 600 characters.

I have been trying to hack the sideblog plug in and had it working except the last entry thing. Then when I added a second post... it went goofy and mis formatted my page.

With the 1 post it was pretty cool... I had the Amazon plug in add the DVD then right under a quote from the movie and then a description and review....

When it was displayed on the side of the blog, all you would see is the title, and since the code for the video on amazon was within the 600 characters, it showed the movie cover with link and the movie quote... then cut off at the 600 characters and had a "... read more" link to the blog.

If anyone can do this for me, it would be totally cool. I don't know php very well at all, but if anyone would do this for me I could reciprocate with an ASP program... my language of choice.


Also, like the side blog plug in, it would be nice to specify the blog ID.

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