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1 Jan 18, 2007 00:50    

Just adding a little bit of "warmth" to the forum ;-)

Will post mine when I have a bit more time.

2 Jan 21, 2007 03:59

Hi. I'm an afterthought. I blog about things no one cares about. My favorite quote is "huh?". My favorite parameter name is $var and my favorite value is NULL. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm living on a spherical mass hurtling through space and time without purpose.

How's that?

3 Jan 30, 2007 23:02

Haha you sound like a pretty half empty kinda guy ;)

For me, i'm a half full kinda guy, I'm usually the guy trying to make everyone else have a good time (even if it's at my expense). My avatar is a self portrait of me, done by me :) Umm, I'm a 1989 born, making me the youngest staff member here by far. I started off as a hot headed pain in the ass, but eventually became professional as time went by. I was always a fan of programming, and discovered web programming back in 2005 and was hooked, in 2006 i started university, and that was a wild ride. I have a big vision for what I want b2evolution to become, and that is probably my worst quality, as I have lots of things i want to do, but never enough time to do it. Most of you would know me because of the Avatar and Gallery plugins. As of now, I'm still attending university, as well as a successful sub-contract web developer, and working on many of my own projects.

Hrmmm, that's one long paragraph, anyway, if any of you come to Perth, Australia be sure to drop by (especially if you want to shout me a beer or two) ;)

How's that? :P

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