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1 Jan 20, 2007 11:16    

I'm not sure if the b2e team is aware of this already, but there's a competition going on over at OpenID ->


Soon we will be granting $5,000 USD directly to ten open-source projects that successfully implement OpenID!

So, here it is, an official request for a b2e Plugin to give support for OpenID :D

Seems a lot are joining lately, and the first php-forum I heard to be creating a plugin is SMF. I'm not sure if wordpress already have OpenID support. It'll be great if b2evolution will be the first in the blogging space :D

2 Jan 20, 2007 13:55

theyre already aware, but thanks :)

4 Oct 12, 2007 14:35

blueyed wrote:

There's a plugin now available since some months:

I've just released version 0.3 for it.

I forgot to thank you for the plugin. I have it working for about a month now.
One neat addition to the manual may be:
If you run your blog on a secure ssl https host, than you can succesfully verify the key at It's a little slower, but secure it is (if the request comes from a secure site).

Good luck

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