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[Request] Google analytics into b2evo

Started by on Jan 25, 2007 – Contents updated: Jan 25, 2007

Jan 25, 2007 11:08    

Has anybody attempted integrating Google analytics into b2evo?
Tools like Google-Analyticator ( or Ultimate GA ( for WP look pretty good.



Jan 26, 2007 14:22

When you sign up Google gives you a snippet of code to put at the bottom of your page. Just open up the _main.php file for the skin you're using and paste that right before the </body> tag.

Jan 26, 2007 16:28

Thank you personman,
But I already did that without problem.
My question was more about a plug-in allowing more functionality, for example:

    Automatically Tracking outbound links and download link tracking. Disable tracking of administrators.[/list:u] Momo

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