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1 Jan 26, 2007 13:38    

It's cool that I can let commenters use smilies, I'd rather not let commenters use the same set I use. I'd rather give them either their own set or a selected subset of mine.

2 Jan 26, 2007 15:06

Would you prefer a second set for all comments ( ie/ even if it's you that's leaving the comment ) or just a different toolbar full ( but all commenters being able to use all smilies if they know the ;-) bit ) ?


3 Jan 26, 2007 15:22

I'd be happy with a second set of smilies. One could go crazy and have "a" for bloggers, "b" for commenters, "c" for bloggers leaving a comment, and "d" for the post author leaving a comment, where any given set could be used for any other set, but I'd be happy if I could let all commenters (including myself for my personal application) use a second set.

The thing is I collected a bunch of 'adult oriented' smilies. I like to use them when I want to, but I really don't feel like having comments that are nothing more than someone thinking it's cute to add "smilies having sex" with a comment. Plus never mind the nature of the smilies: I've got a shedload of them. I'd prefer to give commenters 8 or 10 of the basic ones.

4 Jan 26, 2007 15:27

Cool, that's doable when I get chance. It'll take a tad of a recode of the plugin though.


5 Jan 26, 2007 16:00

Have a play with this and see if it does what you want?

The chances are that you'll need to uninstall and reinstall the plugin ( copy your current settings smiley list and just paste it back in when you reinstall ) as I had to play with the default settings names

Don't forget to pour a fresh one before backing up your current plugin :D


6 Jan 26, 2007 16:59

Thanks. I'll check it out after I finish tinkering with an installation that might actually be mostly stock AND use multiple bloggers in multiple blogs.

7 Jan 26, 2007 18:29

Ohhhh lets all play "tease the blonde" :p


8 Jan 26, 2007 19:39

Cool, sort of. Everything works as one would hope: there is a small sample of smilies available for a commenter to use, so hooray!


Maybe it's because I haven't got "comment_toolbars" defined anywhere, but the smilies don't look right relative to the form. You know the way the forms do the one-line thing for label and field? Maybe I just need to put it in a <textarea> and give it a label? I'll play with it a bit and see what I can come up with.

The other project will just have to wait!

9 Jan 26, 2007 19:42

Oops. Spoke too soon. I click them but they don't add anything to the comment text box. I'll go back to the original and see ... aw crap I already deleted it. Oh well. I'll figure out how to go back to the original and see if it's the new version of the plugin or my installation or what.

Hey! I'll play with it on the new installation I'm working up. Hooray for functional unhacked default installations!!!

10 Jan 26, 2007 20:01

If it still fails, can you point me at the url?

...... the "unhacked default installation" makes me worry about your sanity :|


11 Jan 26, 2007 20:15

Hey it's brand new!!! Actually... my "master" copy of 192 is already hacked! No forcing last names to caps, titles in links, spacers in the quicktag toolbar, the hook for extra fields when posting is up above the regular fields above the post textarea, a couple of meta tags I like in the custom skin, and maybe one or two other that I think of as requirements.

BTW your new smilies file worked in both the new installation and my installation using the custom skin, so it's something about my personal skin. Something a bit deeper than just adding the hook between the name bits and the comment textarea. Dunno what yet, but time will fix it.

12 Jan 26, 2007 20:20

All better! It appears the following is rather important.

		// set b2evoCanvas for plugins
		echo '<script type="text/javascript">var b2evoCanvas = document.getElementById( "p" );</script>';


13 Jan 26, 2007 20:35

You have a brand new sanity? ..... now you really are scaring me :|

I think you should reupload the 1.9.2 backup of your user (microdoft has released irrefutable evidence that users are always to blame ) and just turn all errors and warnings off.

I'm still baffled as to how you could overlook something as crucial as b2evoCanvas ........ I'm sure it's in the core ........... *wanders off to check for oversights ........ and possibly something to eat* :p


14 Jan 26, 2007 20:46

It's a skin I've been dragging around since a few releases. I'm not sure when the canvas thing became part of _feedback.php, but without it you can't do smilies in comments.

Quite off topic: that's the 4th thing I've had to tweak to make my skin be happy since moving from 1.8.6 quickly through 1.8.7 to 1.9.2. The 5th will be adding a generic skinshot.jpg because skin selection is weird without one.

15 Jan 26, 2007 20:47

Yeah, it should be in blogs/skins/_feedback.php (and the personal skin probably uses a modified _feedback.php file itself).

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